Day3.1: Let’s do a cooperative job

CameraToday we will meet CAMERA PORTAL!

Enter the web site and request an account. The e-mail reply should be fairly quick.

First of all, take some time to look at the resources available. This portal was conceived for metagenomic analysis and allows you to submit your data to a central server where they will be elaborated according to your instructions.

Prepare to submit your job by selecting “Launch CAMERA Supported Workflows“. You will find the complete list of analyses allowed on the server. Look up in the internet the exact meaning of each of the proposed analysis and report in a text file a summary of what you have learnt. The text file name will be CAMERA.txt and you will locate it in dir-01.

Once you’re aware of the possibilities offered, submit one ore more jobs to the portal:

  • choose the analysis that you want to run from the menu and press start
  • fill all the form giving names that you can easily identify in a second time
  • depending on the analysis that you chose to run, you will be asked to select a reference database. In this case again try to collect information about the different databases and report a summary of what you have learnt in the CAMERA.txt file. Choose your database and proceed with job submission
  • upload for analysis the file that contains the 4 gift sequences with whom you worked in the past two days. This file will be suitable for all the analysis that require rRNA or 16DNA as input. For analysis that require gDNA sequences you will find a suitable file that contains a subset of your sequenced gDNA from the canale scaricatore. The file is gDNA10.fa and it is accessible at  /home/geno/files/gDNA10.fa
  • analyse carefully the results obtained (in some cases you know already what you should get) and try repeating the experience using the same sequences and changing analysis and database

We will discuss together your observations and decide the next move:
each of you will submit a subset of our data to CAMERA PORTAL for analysis and tomorrow we will have the complete analysis to look at.

Be careful, the final result depends on the work that each of you will carry out!

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