Parco Fenice (sampling site)

The sampling site for our practicals is an interesting park, recently established in Padua: the renewable energy park “Fenice“, founded by the Boy Scouts of CNGEI and the ZIP Consortium of Padua.
The official site of the park is in Italian.

How to reach Parco Fenice (click to open in Google Maps)

  • BUS – You can use Google Maps to find the best bus line. For example from the Vallisneri building: see this example.
  • BIKE – Lungargine Rovetta (where the Park is) can be reached quite easily from the “Mensa Forcellini” or Tempio dell’Internato Ignoto: see this path.
  • CAR – Well… why not considering one of the above, better fitting with the mission of Parco Fenice? 🙂



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